Friday, November 25, 2011

Blood, Pain & Champagne: Explanation

The single thing I love most about the NBA are its teams as whole; as an entire unit. I've been obsessed with knowing who the greatest teams of all time were (i.e. 96' Bulls or 86' Celtics), the most entertaining (i.e. 07' Warriors or 02'-03' Mavericks), the best to never win a title (i.e. 02' Kings or 93' Suns) or even the teams that are awesome in video games, but not as much in real life (i.e. 93' Hornets or 11' Clippers). I enjoy how role players complement stars, stars complement each other and everyone has a specific role to fill. My favorite NBA-related arguments are those that involve hypothetically pitting two teams against one another. I love trying to convince people the 96' Bulls could never have handled Shaq or Hakeem with Wennington and Longley or that the "Big Three" of the 07's Spurs could more than handle the 08' Celtics and their "Big Three."

The goal for every NBA team, whether your the Showtime Lakers or 2011 Cavaliers, is to win the ever elusive NBA title.Terrible teams suffer missing the playoffs, but receive help to remove the blood stains from the long season with the NBA Lottery. The good teams that just fell short or didn't have enough (i.e. 11' Heat or 05'-07' Suns) have to go through the pain of knowing they let it slip from their hands or realizing it was never in arms reach. The great teams that earn the right to raise the championship trophy over the heads and take a team picture with everyone raising up one finger get to celebrate together with glorious amounts of champagne.

That's how you can separate the high-, middle- and low- class of NBA teams now and throughout history.

With Blood, Pain & Champagne.


I've been debating for what seems like years now and I've finally done it; I've started a blog! I know many people blog in hopes of making it big time or using it to extend their craft, but I want to start it simply out of fun and recreation. This won't be a blog simply to post random moments of weakness or how my day went, but will specifically be about one of my true loves: The NBA. I do not wish to show that I know more than anyone or that I am an NBA savant, I merely would hope that my readers (hopefully there will be at least two, that is my goal) will read what I have to say and we can start a friendly discussion. Cheers!